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The Travel Channel for Catholics!

July 10, 2008

From the inbox – despite my predilection for a revival of more traditional Catholic art forms, one of my interests is seeing how Catholics can use media, new and otherwise, to spread the faith. I received an interesting e-mail maybe about a week ago; I apologise for my delay in posting this, but in general, I’m slouching a bit on my blog posts. Work has been taking up much of my time lately. The following is from the press release:

Diana von Glahn uncovers the treasures of Catholic shrines, places of pilgrimage, and historic sites throughout the United States in The Faithful Traveler, a unique travel series. Each show explores a new location, discovering its history, architecture, art, tradition, and theological background. 

The Faithful Traveler strikes the perfect balance between entertainment, education, and inspiration. The show’s high production values and vibrant, entertaining presentation will appeal to viewers of all ages. It will provide travelers with the motivation and information necessary to assist them in their own travels, and will enable armchair travelers to see these magnificent locations from the comfort of their homes. 

You can visit the web site here and take a preview of the show: In the couple’s first episode, they visit the Miraculous Medal Shrine in Philadelphia. Also at the site, there is a map of all the holy places about which they want to do episodes. It’s pretty ambitious! However, for what it’s worth, they need to add the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Indiana, St. John Cantius in Illinois, and the Basilica of St. Josaphat in Wisconsin. That being said – this is definitely worth a look, so please visit their site.