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While I’m away, I thought I would point you, kind reader, to two TLM blogs. One I have had in my sidebar for sometime – TLM in Maryland. Recently (well, it’s getting so it’s not so recent) there was a great post on that site pointing out resources on the Jubilate Deo chants (the ones every Catholic should know) – if I only I had known about these resources when I was struggling to teach myself how to chant! Pay particular attention to the Adoremus hymnal links – here you can see and listen to many of the chants included in Jubilate Deo – here’s the post

And I’ve recently found the TLM in Michiana blog. Michiana is of course that intersection of northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan that includes St. Joseph, Niles, South Bend(!), and maybe Ft. Wayne. For those interested in the Latin Mass in this area, this is the blog to check out. This weekend, my wife and I actually went to mass in the extraordinary form at St. Patrick’s in South Bend. It was her first EF mass, and my third (the other two were part of the Colloquium). While we normally attend another parish (ordinary form) in South Bend, we wanted to see the Gregorian mass in beautiful St. Pat’s, an old Irish parish that retains its high altar. I prefer St. Hedwig’s, being Polish, which is all of a block away, but they tragically removed their high altar some time ago. Needless to say, it was a beautiful mass. A question though – in a missa cantata, isn’t it allowed and expected for the congregation to sing the ordinary? I came prepared with our Parish Book of Chant and identified the Orbis Factor Mass XI, but I think we were the only ones singing outside the choir, and in very hushed voices. Should we not have sung?

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  1. I’m so happy that you joined us at St. Patricks for Mass this past Sunday. Next time, please stop by the parish hall afterwards for coffee and food.

    In answer to your question: it is perfectly fine to sing along with the choir as your heart desires, and it is perfectly alright to join in the responses of the servers. I invite you to sit up in the third pew on the Gospel side with my family. I sing with the choir after I finish praying the Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, etc…, so you won’t feel too uncomfortable… of course, my singing voice might make you a bit uncomfortable.

    The Traditional Latin Mass is such an immersive experience that I’m often struck into complete silence, taken up by the choir’s chant, the prayers of the Mass, etc. The silence of the regular attendees is due to this immersion in the prayer of the Mass for the most part.

    Thanks again, and hope to meet you in person soon!

    Dave Werling

  2. Deo volente Says:

    Awaiting your return to regular, old friend! The Catholic cultural scene is not the same without your keen insights. I’ll keep the “light on” nevertheless. The link will always be “on.”

    Ad maiorem Dei gloriam+


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