Tip of hat, wag of the finger (Copyright Stephen Colbert)

I have to borrow Mr. Colbert’s phrase here. Sometime ago I wagged my finger at the National Association of Pastoral Musicians for using an image of the cryptex from the Da Vinci Code on their Liturgical Decoder website.

But now, in their most recent magazine, they have dedicated three articles to Gregorian Chant! Jeffrey Tucker at the New Liturgical Movement (and the Church Music Association of America) has the scoop here. So I must give credit, where credit is due; tip of the hat to the NAPM.

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2 Comments on “Tip of hat, wag of the finger (Copyright Stephen Colbert)”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Thanks for the link to Jeffrey Tucker’s article.

    Also, how did you create such a nice banner for your blog? I am just getting started and used an off-the-shelf template. I would like to be able to recreate the banner from my Web page, http://www.sbcw.org, on my blog.

  2. arscatholica Says:

    Hi Bryan – I created the banner in photoshop – but to get it in you need to make sure you choose a theme on WordPress that allows custom headers. Also, once you choose that theme, make sure to pay attention to the width/height required. You may need to resize your image in a graphics editing application prior to uploading it as the custom header. If you let the WordPress theme resize it for you, you might get some bad results.

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