from the colloquium…a collection of neumes

It’s now day four of the colloquium and this is my first post. Well, I’ve been busy!

Since i’m typing this on my phone, I’m going to keep it short, but here are some notes about my experience so far.

I’ve rarely been at such beautiful liturgies, and never on weekdays! The music is great of course, but the masses have also been extremely well celebrated in both the ordinary and extraordinary forms. The Canons Regular of St. John Cantius have been helping out at the conference, and they know they’re stuff! We heard a lecture this evening by their founder, and his story and that of the parish was truly fascinating. Hopefully more on this later.

I definitely feel I’m making progress with chant, and I’m really hoping I can take back with me to South Bend what I’ve learned, and get others interested in singing it.

I didn’t embarass myself singing polyphony(it wasn’t first time) I sincerely thank God for this, as I was pretty nervous there for a bit.

I attended my first EF missa cantata – more thoughts to follow on this beautiful experience.

And finally, my one negative experience – at&t. Something’s going on with them. Until today, my average call to my wife has lasted 45 seconds before being dropped. Is anyone else in the Chicago area having issues?

Many more thoughts on the Colloquium will be forthcoming, but I at least wanted to post an update. Also, my apologies for any typos.

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One Comment on “from the colloquium…a collection of neumes”

  1. Argent Says:

    I’m so glad that you had a wonderful week. I wish I could’ve gone, so your posts will be a very welcome read.

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