Welcome to Ars Catholica

This blog is dedicated to helping rebuild a sense of Catholic identity and culture, through the discussion of Catholic art, architecture, music, literature and liturgy. As do many young Catholics, I feel a profound sense of loss regarding our traditions. As Catholics, we have a very unique world view that prizes art and beauty; we have a sacramental world view that takes joy in God’s creation. It’s time to remember our culture, our identity, our art, from Gregorian Chant to the short stories of Flannery O’Connor.

Comments are heartily encouraged – though I remind everyone to be charitable in disagreements. Thanks for reading and for sharing.

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One Comment on “Welcome to Ars Catholica”

  1. Deo volente Says:

    I saw the link on Amy’s blog and had to check it out. Any friend of either G.K. Chesterton or Flannery O’Connor is a friend of mine. Wishing you every good fortune in your new and attractive blog. Catholic culture is our heritage and should be discussed more in the blogosphere.

    Ad maiorem Dei gloriam+
    Deo volente

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